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It’s life Jim, but not as we know it…..

Life in Techworld is very strange.  Everything is equally hard but nothing is the same from site to site.  It has been brought home to me today that computer software designers must be even more insular than we stereotypically give them credit for, because otherwise they might actually collaborate and standardise some stuff.

Today, I have spent more time than is appropriate for an air-breather holed up with my computer.  I am attempting to bring cohesion to my online presence.  There is a possibility that I may discover the point of even having an online presence, beyond stressing myself out for no apparent reason, although I am prepared to concede this possibility is some way off yet.

I have achieved several things including managing to upload the same picture to the background of this blog and my Twitter account.  However, in both cases only the upper left corner of said picture is visible which is rather upsetting and also something of a puzzle since the instructions for uploading were different on the two sites.  Apparently, I need to resize the picture, but since neither of the Teens can do this for me this is obviously a genuinely very hard task.  I felt quite proud, because not only did they not look at me in the usual pitying fashion, but they actually looked quite impressed that I a) wanted to do this and b) could show them the picture’s current statistics.  (I didn’t tell them that I had no idea what these statistics meant).  I’ve also linked myself to two blogging sites and added a follow button to the blog (see right) and my Twitter feed (although this has not kept up with today’s Tweets, but I’ll worry about that tomorrow).

My most favourite achievement has been getting my phone to Tweet like a bird when a “mention” happens on Twitter.  If you have never suffered the confusion caused by your phone making a text notification noise for a mysterious something other than an incoming text, you won’t appreciate the enormity of that last one.  Until fairly recently, I barely ever bothered to charge my phone and I couldn’t understand the point of texting at all.  By way of explanation, a friend told me it was great for talking to your friends when you didn’t have time to chat.  At the time, that made no sense at all but now I’m a blogger!  How times change!

Anyway, In the process of navigating the blog sites, I came across a reminder of one of my favourite factoids:  Every day is worth 84,600 seconds!  This means that I have spent at least 36,000 seconds working on my little project today.  Working on the basis that every second is worth £1, you don’t get any refunds once it’s spent and the balance is cleared at the end of the day, I had to ask myself if this was time well spent and overall, can you believe it? Amazingly, the answer is a resounding YES!

An expert could have done this job for me in a matter of minutes, I’m sure, but then I would have missed the interaction with the people on the blogging sites, I would not be enjoying the feeling of FINALLY getting to grips with technology, and I would not now be enjoying a general sense of ownership over my pages.  I know I still have a thousand miles to go, but hey, every journey starts with a single step and I’ve taken several today!

I’m still new to blogging, so if you’ve read and enjoyed this, please feel free to like, share and even leave a comment!


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