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About me

In my professional life, I am a networker.  I host networking events under the banner of This Lady Loves, a platform for promoting businesses to a primarily female audience.   I also mentor new businesses with the support of  a group of international colleagues, who are experts in their field.  I help people who want a change in their life and are motivated to try something new, and I love it.  Sometimes my work involves international travel.  As a people person who loves helping others, with a deep love of travel, I spend most of my working life doing the things that please me most.   I feel I Live Life Well – hence the name of my blog.

The spanner in the works here is my “other” life !  Even though I have (quite cleverly I think) found business occupations that are flexible and play to my strengths, sometimes it’s a delicate balancing act to fit in my husband, two teenagers, two dogs, housework, cooking and gardening.  Some people think that working from home is the holy grail, but I would beg to differ.  Facing down a less pleasant work task, like database management, becomes extra challenging when a mundane household task is calling, or the dogs want walking, or someone wants feeding…

As blogging is completely new to me, this blog is currently evolving.   I document the highs and lows of family life,  the challenge of achieving a work/life balance that keeps me sane and occasionally share tips that might make life easier.


4 thoughts on “About me

  1. Nice to meet you! Have fun blogging and hope to see you around lots!

  2. So very much enjoy reading your blog and I decided to nominate your blog for The Liebster Award (which is an award for new bloggers)! You can check out the nomination and read through the rules on my blog Keep writing and I will keep reading! I hope you accept the nomination!

    • Wow! Thanks! Woohoo!!!!!! I’m thrilled to bits – thank you so much! However, it is 1am-ish at the moment and I am tired and emotional. Even though I’m sure being tired and emotional is normal for a nominee, I am going to wait until tomorrow to work on my proper response. It looks like I am going to have to do some thinking – which will be easier when I stop seeing myself as Gwyneth Paltrow at the Oscars.

  3. Hiya, just fond you through Britmums. I really like what I see around here 🙂

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