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And the Award goes to….

Well, there I was, quietly sitting around thinking how cool I am, and suddenly, out of the blue at 1 O’clock in the morning, I get an e-mail telling me I have been nominated for an award, which just goes to prove that I am, in fact, very cool!

Oh, if only all of that was true…  Sadly only 50% of the above paragraph is true.  I did get an email at that strange hour and it did tell me I’ve been nominated for an award (well, my blog has, but as I write it, I am definitely taking the credit!)  At 1am in the morning, I wasn’t feeling in the slightest bit cool.  I was tired but couldn’t sleep and while I did write an excited note back to the lovely lady who nominated me (who writes at and accept the nomination, and then sit there smiling and trying to resist the temptation to wake everyone up and tell them my good news (which would not have helped my placement on the cool-ness scale), I have since been a bit like a rabbit in the headlights!

Writing an acceptance speech isn’t very easy when you keep turning into Gwyneth-Paltrow-at-the-Oscars in your head.  I’m having a little bit of trouble with the grateful acknowledgements – is “thanks must go to my family, for providing blog-fodder, even though they don’t know they’re doing it” good enough?  My natural positivity is starting to waver, the self-doubt that necessitated the buying of armfuls of self-help books (as mentioned in a previous blog) is rearing its nasty little head.  I’ve never won an award before!  Do I really deserve it?  People will look at me!  They will think I don’t deserve it… PAANIIIIICC!!!

Ah, but wait.  The award I have been nominated for is The Liebster award.  It doesn’t involve ceremonies and acceptance speeches at all.  Phew!  On following the blog-trail back I found this information: “The Liebster award is a blogger-to-blogger award with no winners and no judges.  It is given to new bloggers who are building their audience, given by the bloggers who believe they are doing an exceptional job.”  Apparently, Liebster means “favourite” in German, so I am feeling very pleased with myself and very kindly-disposed to Whyishersostroppy.  Actually, if there were an acceptance speech, I would include her in it, now I come to think of it.  She has definitely played a part in getting me where I am today…Ahem.  Sorry – I went a bit “Oscars” again.

There are rules that I need to comply with  “When nominated, the blogger must list eleven facts about his/herself, answers questions given by the nominator, and come up with eleven questions for the bloggers he/she nominates.”

OK.  So here are 11 facts about myself:

1.   I’m very glad the rules don’t say “11 interesting facts”.  That would make life difficult.

2.   I am increasingly obsessed with Twitter and now have two accounts.

3.   I am very good at, and even slightly obsessive about cleaning when I get going, but I truly hate tidying up.

4.   I do not like cyclists who ride in the road when a cycle lane is available.

5.   I like baking and have become proficient at Macaroons.   I have a collection of colours for them and even some edible gold dust!

6.   I am currently working with a Health Coach because I need to lose weight and get fitter.

7.   Even though I STILL gaze longingly at the girl’s clothes in children’s shops, I’m really glad I have boys.  They seem easier and more straightforward than girls.

8.   I used to be a Registered Sick Children’s Nurse.  I let my registration lapse in 2008.

9.   Since 2006 I have been a fully trained Clinical Aromatherapist.   This qualification means I am educated to the same level as someone with a Masters level degree.  Since I left school at 15 (my birthday is late August) with only “O” levels, I am extremely proud of this.

10.  I am a people person and a keen networker, and love nothing better than helping people build mutually beneficial relationships.

11.  I am currently setting up a business to deliver anti-ageing and aromatherapy facials.  There are products that cost less and (in my opinion) give better results than botox.  I will get to pamper people AND save them from having frozen faces!

The observant reader will notice that I have only done one of the things required by the Liebster rules at this point.  And yet I am bringing this post to a close here.  This is because I need to split my post in two as the word count was too high and I couldn’t edit it back any further!  The next post will come soon.  Much sooner than usual, in fact.  But I couldn’t bring myself to inflict a post more than twice as long as usual on my fledgling audience.  I don’t want to scare you off, just as my big break has arrived….

(that’s a joke, by the way!)


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2 thoughts on “And the Award goes to….

  1. Excellent acceptance speech so far – can’t wait for second instalment. Particularly love the 11 facts about yourself – Macaroons? Really? What an amazing feat. Do post some photographs of them soon.

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