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HO HO Home ZZzzweet Home and considering resolutions

It is the fourth day since we arrived home and I am amusing myself by watching the Teens cope with jet lag.  I am relatively unaffected, since I used to work shifts when I did my nursing training, and shift work is good preparation for time-zone hopping.  So when I got up in the night for a glass of water to help my kidneys deal with the festive cheer, I was not entirely surprised to see the Teens wide awake and roaming the house searching for their old Guitar Hero guitar, which they haven’t played with for about 5 years.  There was a little bit of an altercation since I wouldn’t let them check the loft as this would have disturbed their dad, who has managed to bring himself within two hours of a normal sleep pattern.  This meant that I was then fully awake and as a result I sat up until 5am and now I too am very tired today. 

It isn’t all bad however, as the effort I have expended in trying to resist going to bed has cleared my mind of the normal day-to-day minutiae and enabled me to consider my new year’s resolutions.   It might seem a bit late but actually most of mine were formulated in November, after I had a near death experience which was much more unexpected than 21st December and which threw me into a tailspin of self-pity so bad I couldn’t even be bothered with the dramatic potential for a few weeks.  Luckily, I am an eternal optimist who always bounces back and on top of that, our holiday has lifted my spirits so much that even the rain-sodden return to grey UK climes could not lower them again. 

So what I was considering was not what my resolutions should be, but how I am going to implement them.  So I have the usual list – fitter, slimmer, tidier, more organised and more focussed – so far so normal.  But for me, with my dramatic tendencies, latent perfectionism and chronic fear of failure, what should be normal becomes unachievable because I try too hard and expect too much in too short of a time frame, thus discouraging myself.  

This year however, is going to be different!  Have you noticed that the list says fitter, slimmer, tidier etc. NOT fit, slim, tidy….?  This is how I am going to stick to my resolutions for the entire year, because what I am striving for is a little improvement every day – not a massive, sudden and unachievable change within a fortnight.  I also have the benefit of several mentors and role models whom I met or got to know better during the last year and who inspire me daily both in my working life and my social life which are occasionally interchangeable. 

All of this is underlined by Sunday Times Astrologer, Shelley Von Strunckel, who as I’m born on the cusp of Leo and Virgo I am delighted with for this year’s guidance.  To the Leo in me, she says “for you, much of 2012 has been about discovering and exploring a new freedom.  True, sometimes that process has been spurred by unanticipated or unwelcome events, yet with the expansive Jupiter supervising this journey of discovery, you’ll benefit from what you did and encountered and who you met for years to come.”  And to my Virgo side she promises  that “by the Autumn, when the courageous Mars enters Virgo, you’ll be making changes that, only months before, you wouldn’t have considered possible.”    Yep, she absolutely said what I just said above, except she added planets and removed specifics.  When it comes to me, I could totally do her job!


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3 thoughts on “HO HO Home ZZzzweet Home and considering resolutions

  1. Great blog Karen! So many New Year’s resolutions fail because people try to be too perfect! Thank you for reminding us that everything worthwhile happens step by step – so many of us need that!

  2. Hi just popped over from Britmums and twitter….where can i follow…I cant see the blog follower links… probably me lol

  3. Hi Janglitz, I’m delighted you want to follow! I think I’ve added a follow button now. I will ask my Guru to make sure I’ve done it the easiest way! Thanks for highlighting the issue.

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