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So the World didn’t end and now I can talk Christmas!

Since I am occasionally (not always unfairly) called a drama queen by those who know me well, it seemed appropriate to write my first blog the day after the world was going to end, but didn’t.

I’m still here, and hadn’t made plans so I finally have time!  As time goes on, you might see, despite my current resolution not to do it anymore that I am prone to procrastination.  I first set the wheels in motion for writing a blog at the beginning of October.  I took professional and very good advice on the practicalities of content, schedule, format, platform and other stuff that I still don’t understand.  It was my intention that blog-writing and posting would help with my chronic time-management issues with regard to social media – giving me a handy tool on which to base my social media interactions.  Instead I ventured into the blogosphere for inspiration and immediately started spending time reading a tiny selection of the many and varied excellent blogs out there.  This meant that, in addition to having even less free time because of my “research” I added even more self-doubt to the volatile cocktail that is my personality.  Luckily, because the world was going to end, but didn’t – I see an opportunity to venture forth with a new, braver me!

Actually, I am currently on holiday in sunny Florida.  With the end of the world approaching, I thought it might be nice to end my days on holiday, five hours behind the UK, in case it was a time-zone specific ending.  In the end, as I watched the clock turn past midnight, I started to think I might have been better off in Australia where I would have been amongst the first to know everything was OK – but then I realised that the Mayans were in South America and would have written the calendar according to their own daylight hours, so I was in the best place as far as time zones go after all.

During the build-up to this holiday, I started to question whether we were doing the right thing, because we have never been away from home for Christmas since The Teens were born.  It felt really weird to be packing summer clothes at a time when I would normally be cleaning taps with a toothbrush in preparation for a week-long Christmas visit by my parents.  However, now we are here I question why we’ve never done it before.   Suddenly, the perfect Christmas Dinner that I have always taken such pride in preparing doesn’t seem important at all and after a genuinely dramatic six months, in which I’ve been hospitalised twice for different reasons, started a business, and dealt with some major lifestyle changes (of which more in a separate post) – the opportunity to get out in the sun, have fun with my nearest and dearest, and take stock of life, the universe and everything is a blessing far greater than a perfectly cooked sprout.

This Christmas, for me then, is proving quite different from the norm and I am loving it even more than I thought I would when we booked it, not least because having seen 12.21.12 come and go, I am now quite sure it will actually happen!   In the corner of my temporary living room is a cute little 3ft artificial tree bought from Wal-Mart, which I am ridiculously pleased with, but just in case I feel short-changed I can always pop out and find a 30ft tall tree lavishly bedecked with about a million lights.  Better still, The Teens are happy!  No really – I know that last sentence is potentially an oxymoron but they really are happy.  They have talked to me in full sentences on several occasions and have even participated in conversations that included laughing and smiling.  I’ve gained some “cred” by going on an assortment of rides, some of which involved being turned upside down but have, so far, resisted being launched on the behemoth known as “The Incredible Hulk”.

Have a wonderful Christmas, whether you are creating traditions or breaking with them, and I look forward to speaking to you again in the New Year!


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